Full Time – 5 days (5% discount)

12 Months – 24 Months             £1,170.00 (£54 daily discount)

Daily Rates (Minimum of 2 days- excluding the free entitlement)

12 Months – 24 Months              £60.00 (per day)

4 Days                                                    £1,040.00

3 Days                                                    £780.00

2 Days                                                    £520.00

Full day sessions include breakfast, mid morning snack, hot lunch and afternoon tea.

Open hours 08:00–18:00 Mon-Fri

On receipt of the enrolment form we require a £100.00 deposit (which is refundable providing we are given 1 months notice of when the child is leaving) and a £50.00 registration fee which is NON-REFUNDABLE.  +

All public holidays are charged as well as 1 week closure at Christmas.


All fees are payable on 1st of each month by STANDING ORDER and are charged per calendar month.  Late payments will be charged at £25.00 per week and failure to pay nursery fees on time will result in refusal of admission to the nursery. We offer sibling discount for the older child at 5%